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VNR’s Research & Development team is dedicated to develop products for fellow farmers with an aim to provide:

  • Sustainable high yield

  • Taste to be revered by end consumer

  • Resistance to diseases

  • Easy to produce by the seed producer

  • Reduction in operating expenses

  • Maximum profit margins

  • All this without altering / affecting the basic nature of the crop and environment.
    Our main research objectives are:
    To Develop hybrids and inbred varieties that yield more than any comparable variety.
    This involves:
  • Acquiring and developing wide and elite germplasm base
  • Development of elite lines as parental lines for hybrids
  • Population improvement
  • Use of new and innovative approaches like MAB (Molecular Assisted Breeding)
  • To Develop products that are resistant and tolerant to biotic stresses (ever evolving
    diseases and insects) and abiotic stresses of water scarcity, salinity and unusual
    temperatures. This involves:
  • Developing screening techniques for different diseases, insects and abiotic
  • stresses
  • Identifying and using feasible markers
  • Promoting co-operation among pathologist, entomologist and biochemists
  • community with breeders
    To Develop products that are tasty to eat, nutritious & healthy keeping in
    mind the preferences of end consumers. This involves:
  • Physical and visual screening for quality parameters
  • Organolyptic tests
  • Chemical tests
  • Co-operative relationship between biochemist and breeder
  • To Develop production package for fellow farmers that will enable them to produce potential
    yields from our hybrids and inbred varieties. This involves:
  • Agronomic trials at representative agro climatic zones
  • Layout and observations by competent and trained staff
  • To Develop feasible and economic seed production package of all hybrids. This involves:
  • Development of parental lines with out crossing traits
  • Identification of locations for timely and potential yields
  • Generation nicking and synchronization data
  • To Implement and invent technologies that are crop and environment friendly.
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