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    Vegetables: Radish
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Raphanus Sativus

The radish is a root vegetable of the Brassicaceae family. The most popular part for eating is the napiform taproot, although the entire plant is edible and the tops can be used as a leaf vegetable. The skin comes in a variety of colours. Most commonly known is the round, red-skinned variety. Other varieties may have a pink, white or grey-black skin. There is a large, round, yellow-skinned variety with a subtle taste of lemon.

Relative to their serving size, radishes are rich in ascorbic acid (vitamin C), folic acid (folate), and Potassium. Relative to their caloric value, they are a good source of vitamin B6, Riboflavin, Magnesium, Copper, and Calcium. One cup of sliced red radish bulbs (two servings) provides approximately 20 Calories (kilocalories) or less, coming largely from carbohydrates.
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